Hi, I’m Katya

Intuitive coach, mentor and sprinkler of magic

Do you have a sense that there’s something bigger and more beautiful to life than your current reality? Are you on a quest for more connection, more joy, and more fulfillment in each and every day?

Then we already have plenty in common.

If you’re open-minded, curious and committed to creating transformative change, then I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Because I was once where you are now, listening to that feeling in my gut that was telling me that there was something better for me; that life and love didn’t need to be held back by the same limitations and beliefs.

I, too, wanted to explore my heart and mind’s full potential. I wanted to embrace every day with a sense of gratitude, love and fulfilment. I wanted to let my intuition lead me towards living a life of purpose.

And so here I am. But to get here, my own life journey has already given me plenty of lessons.

About Katya

My Story…

I was born in eastern Russia, but from a very early age I was sent abroad to study in various English speaking countries. At the age of 16, I had moved to New Zealand to complete high school and University education. From an early age, I learned independence and the adaptability that comes with having to relate to new people and places.

In 2010, I experienced a roller coaster year – I got married, became a mother and also lost my father to a sudden death. Four years later, my marriage was over, and I was left with grief, a young daughter to raise without a family support network around me, a mortgage to pay, but a strong desire to ensure that both my daughter and I would live the best life we could. Over the past years, I ran family business, then worked in the medical field before moving on to a sales career in real estate. In 2018, I felt called to leave the corporate life behind, and pursue what I love most – helping and guiding people through coaching.

So as you can see, my journey has taken me through childhood challenges, different countries, career changes, motherhood, heartbreaks, healing, breakthroughs and now… true connection with myself. I’m doing what I love the most, helping people like You become aware that our mind, body and soul are the most valuable assets we have.

Along the way, I’ve embraced continuous professional and personal development, as well as spiritual development and energy healing modalities. I gratefully met a spiritual teacher, who inspired the catalyst for alternative thinking, leading me on the path of greater spiritualism and awareness of the wisdom held in my own intuition. I became aware that I had an innate ability to not only connect with others, but to inspire and uplift.

These learnings brought me to where I am now, as a certified life coach and an intuitive mentor, helping others find their own sense of strength, confidence and fulfilment. I’m here to support, guide, listen, accept and inspire you so you achieve clarity for a beautiful life, on your terms.

The other thing we have in common? I’m always learning and growing too. I believe each day comes with new lessons, new discoveries and new opportunities to connect and understand others. We’ll laugh together, learn together and inspire each other.

Some Fun Facts About Me

✓ I’m a mum to a teenage girl. Her nickname is Elf because 3 months after she was named I realized her initials are ELF.
✓ I love dancing and moving with a flow of music, it’s one of my happy places –it’s so much fun!
✓ I believe that we are all superheroes! Truly, there is not much we can’t do.
✓ I am bilingual, I speak Russian and English.
✓ I have a dream to learn to fly a helicopter in the next couple of years. Following my fathers steps.
✓ I am a dreamer and I allow my imagination to go wild because as Einstein said, at times imagination is more important than knowledge.
In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, self-realization, joy and lightness of being. The change that is often referred to has its source in understanding the deeper meaning of life. Dragonfly is a symbol of the realm of emotions, invitation to dive deeper into your feeling.

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