Intuitive Life Coaching

What is it that you seek?…Happiness? Success? Fulfillment? Love? The thing is, you already have the capacity for all of these things. Coaching is about rediscovering, reawakening and reconnecting with the parts of you that make you feel incredible, so that you can wake up every day truly believing that you are full of magic. Because you are.

Are you ready for it?

In the midst of a confusing and overwhelming world, I help you find consciousness and confidence so you can live a thriving, happy life, with self-love and self-acceptance.

My five-week one-on-one coaching programme is designed to help you switch off obsessive logic and self-limiting beliefs, break through the blockages and events from the past that are holding you back and help you instead embrace abundance, self-awareness and an empowered mindset.

My intuitive coaching techniques mean I listen to the things you say, and the things you don’t. We’ll delve into what lights you up, nurture your unspoken dreams and put in place life-enhancing strategies that inspire you to grow and thrive with unbridled confidence.

Ultimately, I help you connect and engage with your greatest guide – your own intuition.

I know that you have a feeling that there’s something bigger, more amazing for you in this life.


Now you’re so close to making it happen, and I can’t wait to help.

Your five-week journey working with me includes:

  • Discovery questionnaire
  • 30-minute discovery call
  • 5 sessions x 2 hours each (the best length of time for transformative conversation and implementing change)
  • 1 Reiki healing session x 1-hour long
  • Weekly exercises after each session to provoke curiosity and encourage you to train your mind outside of coaching sessions
  • Unlimited support via email and/or WhatsApp messenger voice recordings
Your Investment – $900.00
1-on-1-coaching Katya Kennedy

What my clients say…

“I’m grateful that Katya came into my life! Before meeting Katya I was living a life trying to fit myself in the box, this made me feel frustrated and sad. Katya helped me realise my uniqueness and encouraged me to let the real me shine through. I feel like I’ve obtained wings! I loved working with Katya. In her sessions, she creates a safe and comfortable environment, she makes you feel valued and helps you get the answers yourself. From the start, I felt connected with her, she helped me open up, look inside myself and spell out difficult things that have been bothering me. The session was extremely practical and hands-on which was very important for me.”


“Katya is inviting, approachable and energetic. She truly is a magical woman inside and out, she radiates such magnificent positive energy and will help shape you into the best version of you! She makes you show up as the highest version of yourself. Her services are highly beneficial. She has awakened so much potential in me, I will forever be grateful.”


“Katya is a genuine visionary, she is grounded, gentle and loving mixed with a powerful inner strength that protects and guides those around her. Katya has helped me refocus and has been available whenever I have needed her. She brings clarity, focus and strength.”


“I believe coming to see Katya, has been the best thing I’ve done as it’s led me to some life-changing decisions that I am very proud of, she gave me the extra reassurance and courage that I was searching for. Katya is a very comfortable and intuitive person to open up to who helped me uncover and reveal things within me that are weighing me down and that have a negative effect on my daily life. Highly recommend Katya as a life coach and a reiki specialist, she’s a true gem who has the gift of helping others.”


“My sessions with Katya have proven invaluable these past few months and have enabled me to make leaps and bounds forward in releasing old thought processes and habits no longer serving me. As someone who has spent a lot of time and energy on growth and personal development over the years I was amazed how much progress she has helped me to make in such a short time.

She has a wonderful supportive, loving yet straight demeanor that puts you at ease whilst allowing you to open up, dig deep and not shy away from putting the internal work in. I felt very safe and sure in her sage advice and her discretion from the moment I walked into her studio.”

Emily Sue

“I met Katya by chance through a friend during a time when I was seeking answers to a lot of questions involving the path I was on. After some discussion, it was decided that a Reiki session could be beneficial. Katya’s warm welcoming nature is ever present when she communicates with others and this was no different during our Reiki session. Her highly conscious approach to my internal world was very loving and warm, allowing for space and understanding. Katya, during the weeks following this session. I came across more clarity to certain events surrounding me and was able to handle them with more honesty and acceptance than before. I am ever grateful our paths crossed.”


“Katya has been amazing! Only in a couple of sessions did she help me more than any psychologist with expensive price tags. She gives you tools to use in your everyday life and is always there for you when you need some extra guidance. Highly recommend her!”


“Thank you for my session. It was one of the best solutions in my life to come to you! You spread my whole life in my head in an hour and gave tools to the action! Show all my triggers. Give wings and help take off. I am immensely grateful that fate directed me to you. I can confidently recommend you to everyone! Thanks.”


“Dear Katya, I’d like to express deep gratitude to you for helping me gaining clarity in my life and figure out certain aspects of my internal and external state. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing me with all the support.

Through coaching sessions with you I was able to adjust my mindset and my attitude towards life. Newly gained knowledge helps me a lot on daily basis. I’m very happy that I started working with you in the right moment of my life. You are a unique person with your own mission of helping people. I’m wishing you happiness and success.”


To get the best results, you need to know that you are working with a coach who understands you and inspires you. I offer a free discovery chat, up to 30 minutes, which is a chance for you to ask any questions you might have about coaching and working with me.

Shall we connect?

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