Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Our minds have a knack of holding us back. But what if you could live life without these kinds of limitations and repeat behaviours that keep you playing small, stop you from stepping up, or convince you you’re unworthy?

These breakthrough coaching sessions are designed to work through specific challenges and help you activate your inner magic so you can banish that negative self-talk. With the right tools and guidance, you will understand your worth and break free of the imprints and stories that have continued to rule your life’s journey so far.

You’ll regain control and make decisions with clarity, consciousness, and confidence so you can live a life that is authentic and purposeful.

Your breakthrough session includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • 2 hours coaching session (or video call)
  • Unlimited support via email and/or WhatsApp messenger for a week after your coaching session
Your Investment – $200.00

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