Luxuriating in the power of…Yet

October 17, 2019

Do you ever wish you had a certain skill? Do you find yourself contemplating over achieving a certain goal? But then your inner critic tells you that it’s impossible, it’s too difficult and can never be achieved…

It’s all about mindset, my friend.

Any new skill can be obtained! New abilities can be developed! Any goals can be achieved!

The trick is in the power of Yet.

You don’t have that new skill Yet.

You haven’t achieved a particular goal in life Yet.

Are you with me? It’s about getting yourself out of mindset of not having something or not being someone Now.

Let’s switch of obsessive logic for a moment and allow ourselves dream BIG dreams.

Start with baby steps, all it takes is a small act of courage. It’s all about focusing on the process rather than the end result. It’s important to praise yourself on the very fact that you are putting on an effort.

It is scientifically proven that when we step outside of our comfort zones and taking conscious steps towards learning or achieving something new, neurons in our brains form new strong connections, as a result making us, quite frankly smarter and more advanced. We rewire our brains by adjusting our thinking.

Step away from fear of not being there Now, get excited about not being there Yet.

Here is my example.

Presenting to large audiences or public speaking on the big stage is not something that comes naturally to me… Yet. This is something I’m working towards and every time I have any form of public speaking, I celebrate my efforts. I don’t allow self judgement get in a way of the process. After all, public speaking is a skill and it takes time to master it.

See, my friend, I am with you, I am you.

Don’t waste your life wishing! Open yourself up to new possibilities that are available to us all, any time and anywhere.

Lots love,

KK x

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