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Book me for your organisation’s next event as a guest speaker to boost workplace morale.

Why consider working with me?

I am in business of empowering and inspiring people. I do that by making myself happier and mentally healthier, and then teaching what I learned, discovered, uncovered to others.

I have an ability to help organisations by helping the individuals inside those organisations. Here is an analogy for you, I’m like a personal trainer for your mind, body & spirit; I can’t do the work for you, but I can provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to help yourself.

I believe in an individual potential and when individuals are empowered they are willing to work more efficiently, they are connected within teams and overall interpersonal relationships are improved.

Let me bring a positive impact to your organisation by inspiring people who work within it.

Please contact me to create an event tailored to your company’s needs.

Speaking engagements and corporate mindfulness workshops within New Zealand start from $800 + GST.


What my clients say…

“We have used Katya Kennedy now a few times across our different businesses to run and facilitate mindfulness courses and motivational seminars for our staff. We have found it to be extremely beneficial to improve our team’s productivity, state of mind, mental health and general wellbeing. Our staff is more motivated, inspired, connected and happier. Teams appear lifted and ready to tackle anything in their way both at work and in their personal lives. The positive impact that these courses have are tremendous. We’re extremely grateful for the work that Katya has done and have made a commitment to engage her on regular basis to maintain the state we have reached.
Thank you Katya and we look forward to your next event.”

EH Property Group

“Thank you so much for coaching finalists for the beauty pageant. Katya helped bring everyone together, in one team!”

Red Carpet Events

“Katya is amazing. She was a workshop facilitator at the retreat up in Auckland and it was such a powerful session! Thanks Katya. You are excellent at what you do, your energy is so strong and your positive vibes get through the whole body, filling up hearts and souls. Highly recommend Katya for your next event”

Just For Girls Retreats Ltd

Bring balance and restorative energy back into your body.

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