Achieve balance and flow with Reiki

Reiki is a practice that shifts energy blocks in your body, creating space to heal not only on a physical level, but also on a deep emotional level. I believe that when you’re working through challenges consciously with coaching, Reiki is the perfect complement to activate and nurture profound change.

How does it work?

Each of us has energy centres throughout our body (also referred to as chakras). Think of these centres like mini brains, each with its own individual frequency, creating a circuit of energy in your body. What can happen though, is that emotional challenges and trauma cause this energy to get stuck, preventing it from flowing to higher centres. The aim of Reiki is to bring this flow of energy back into balance, removing the emotional blocks and restoring your true energetic power.

Why consider energy work?

Consider Reiki like a massage for your soul. This balance brings with it a calmness of mind, sense of security and personal empowerment. Many have found it beneficial to enabling a life full of joy, vitality and wellness.

I am a certified Reiki Master practitioner and help both my coaching clients and others through the use of this practice.

If you want to strengthen your quest for wellness and spiritual harmony, Reiki may be the right practice to help you fulfill a sense of freedom and bliss.

Your 2-hour reiki session includes:

  • 60 minutes’ energy work session
  • 60 minutes’ transformative conversation to assist you with integration
Your investment: $200.00

What my clients say…

“I have been to Katya’s Reiki sessions and they were unbelievable – both relaxing, enlightening and powerful all at the same time. I have walked away with a feeling of joy,new found energy, new thoughts and even ideas after Katya’s sessions. Dear Katya, thank you for your knowledge and your super powers – which I have experienced on a number of occasions now!”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had my first Reiki session with Katya but I can definitely say she has an amazing gift! I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life! And it truly comes from the bottom of my heart. I have been working with Katya on different workshops and she treats you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. All of these at once! The Reiki treatment has released blockages in my body and left me with a high and positive energy, believe it or not but so many good things happened after this session and I couldn’t even believe it myself! Not only is she talented but a warm and lovely person who makes you feel super relaxed and comfortable. Can’t wait to work with Katya again.”


“Hi Katya, Thanks very much for a lovely Reiki session and report. I felt it was a very comfortable setting. All my senses felt stimulated it was warm, smelt beautiful and lovely relaxing music. I was able to relax easily and felt great afterwards. I think you have healing comforting hands and the energy and heat flowed through me. I appreciate your good advice and will try and follow it. I would love to have some more sessions with you and would highly recommend you. Keep up your wonderful work and take care of yourself . Thanks again .”


“You truly are in the “hands of healing” with Katya. I hadn’t tried Reiki before, but I’m so glad I did! It has been the best awakening and soul cleansing thing that I have done. Katya has put a lot of thought into her space and it is so inviting, she has a genuine warm soul that makes you feel at home. When I leave, after  session I feel a weight has been shifted, my worries melt away and I feel calm, content and refresh. I highly recommend her services, it’s helped me through so many obstacles.” 

Janay Jade

“I met Katya by chance through a friend during a time when I was seeking answers to a lot of questions involving the path I was on. After some discussion, it was decided that a Reiki session could be beneficial. Katya’s warm welcoming nature is ever-present when she communicates with others and this was no different during our Reiki session. Her highly conscious approach to my internal world was very loving and warm, allowing for space and understanding. Katya, during the weeks following this session. I came across more clarity to certain events surrounding me and was able to handle them with more honesty and acceptance than before. I am ever grateful our paths crossed.”


“Most incredible, kind, caring, loving soul I have ever met! Katya goes above and beyond for her clients, I would not be in the space I am today without her guidance and supporting me. The voice recordings and meditations I received from her are truly amazing and always so calming. She knows exactly what to say when you need to hear it the most. Words truly cannot describe this woman! She is one of a kind and would highly recommend seeing her!”​​


“I had 2 reiki sessions (1.5 hours each) including angel cards readings with Katya. They were both powerful experiences. I went in with a recurring inflamed chest issue and was going through a lot of life changes. During the 1st session, I saw purple light with my eyes closed which Katya explained was a sign of energy blockages clearing. Afterwards she told me that she had some visions while doing the session and some were absolutely accurate e.g. telling me my Grandmother on my mother’s side was there and saying her name when there’s no way she could have known it. She choose 3 cards which made sense to where I’m at in life and on the 2nd session I selected 3 cards and they were the exact same 3 cards.  

I have felt freer, lighter and more in touch with the universe and my intuition since her sessions and I highly recommend her and I will definitely go back to her for more sessions. Thanks Katya.”


“I was sceptical to try Reiki at first, but Katya’s wealth of knowledge, her enthusiasm, her positive personality and genuine care made Reiki a powerful experience for me. I feel so good at hands of my Reiki practitioner – I can’t get enough. I highly recommend Katya!” 


Bring balance and restorative energy back into your body.

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