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Join me on one of my workshops or weekend retreats in 2023.
My work is designed in a way that helps you understand yourself better.

Upcoming Events in 2023

Women’s Retreat August 2023

Three days, two nights Winter Escape 11- 13 August

I would like to invite you to a transformative Women’s Weekend Retreat at the stunning coastal location of Kula Muriwai, Auckland. Escape the demands of your busy life and join me, your experienced intuitive empowerment coach for women, for a rejuvenating getaway designed to reset your mind, body, and spirit.

Immerse yourself in a range of nourishing practices, including mindfulness exercises, body reset activities, and meaningful conversations that will inspire and uplift you. Indulge in full catering with delicious vegetarian meals and experience the luxury of our accommodations, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and self-discovery.

With limited spaces available, this exclusive retreat offers you the opportunity to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with yourself. Don’t miss this chance to prioritize your well-being and embark on a transformative journey in the company of like-minded women. Secure your spot today and give yourself the gift of a truly unforgettable weekend retreat..

Treat yourself to a gift of Retreat Experience 
What to expect over the weekend:

• Kickstart each morning with a dynamic functional movement session, crafted to enhance both your mobility and strength. This practice aims to challenge your existing movement patterns and foster a deeper somatic awareness within you.
• Begin your day with guided meditation and dedicated self-reflection time, allowing for inner calm and introspection.
• Engage in a series of informative and hands-on workshops throughout the mornings and afternoons, where you can immerse yourself in theory and experiential learning.
• Embrace open reflection and discussion opportunities, which are woven into the fabric of each day, fostering meaningful conversations and connections.
• Wind down in the evenings with a soothing restorative practice and meditation, promoting deep relaxation and inner peace.
• Delight in a selection of nutritious meals and snacks expertly prepared by our experienced caterer, ensuring your dietary needs are met.
• Experience comfort and spaciousness during your stay with various accommodation options, ranging from shared bunk rooms to twin share rooms, and luxurious king suites that come complete with a private bathroom and an infrared sauna.

For further enquiries or to reserve your spot, please scroll to the bottom of this page, past some of my glorious testimonials (wink) and drop me a massage in the contact form provided. I will be in touch right away to assist you.


October 2022 Retreat Testimonials

“First retreat ever…. what a magical and uplifting experience. The food was top notch, mouth watering good and amazing yoga practices. Thank you Katy for the thoughtfulness behind this retreat, getting a great group of women together to share their stories, energy, love, tears and laughter. Making us feel united and strong. Feeling comfortable to dig deep, making time for ourselves and taking care of all our needs. Coming home with a heart full is an amazing feeling!”

“Katya created the most magical retreat and space for all us ladies, the energy and positive vibes she bought were amazing. It was such a safe space and guided in a way we could all understand. I couldn’t recommend one of Katyas retreats more, you will leave the place feeling full of love, calmness and joy. The dream team provided a home away from home, with relaxing yoga session and insane food! Looking forward for the next one.”

Other past events testimonials

“I highly recommend Discover your Wonder event. Katya is very knowledgeable and instantly makes you feel welcome and at ease.   A beautiful calm evening of gaining insights and self-development. I’m very keen to continue learning with Katya.”


“Katya is amazing. She was a workshop facilitator at a girls retreat up in Auckland and it was such a powerful session! Thanks, Katya. You are excellent at what you do, your energy is so strong and your positive vibes get through the whole body, filling up hearts and souls. I Highly recommend Katya to everyone!”


“Discover your wonder event was set at a beautiful location and its vibe uplifted you as soon as you arrived. Katya is a gifted healer and coach. To be in a circle of like-minded women while having the space held by her gives you the opportunity to dig deep and see what arises. It was exactly what I needed and I would recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to experience the magic of cacao with a great facilitator within a feminine circle which brings its own magic.”​​


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